Thursday, March 28, 2013

Orange-Mocha Frappuccino!

I couldn't resist posting this! Too funny! I love me some Doctors!

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

VOGUEknitting LIVE! - Seattle

I know, I know... You're thinking,"knitting, I thought this was all about crochet!" Well, it is. However I ran across an opportunity to participate in the Vogue Knitting Live Seattle event - with my crochet!

At Cafe Cesura in Bellevue on April 6th, Vogue Knitting is hosting an event where they invited all yarn crafters in the area to create coffee cozies to donate to be given away.

Boy, oh, boy! At first I didn't think I was going to participate as the information was posted with a local yarn crafting group message board and the group wasn't really interested in participating. Then this last week I found out that I could participate as an individual! All I had to do was crochet as many coffee cozies as I could and have them on their way to New York by TODAY!

Meep! Luckily, this coincided with a point where my "brain candy" wasn't exactly working right and I deemed it necessary to have some mental rejuvenation days this week. I played hooky on Monday and Tuesday this week and I crocheted my butt off for 4 days all together and here are a few pictures to show what I was able to come up with:

Cherry Cupcake Cozy

Death Star Cozy

Mickey Mouse Ribbon Cozy

Cherry Blossoms in the Snow Cozy
... and a few others that I don't have the pictures or the credits ready to post. I had so much fun working on these. Luckily, I still have enough ideas running around my brain so with the left over supplies that I wasn't able to use, I should be able to recreate some of these for any one interested in them.

Also, I should be able to wing enough replicas that I'm hoping to post some new patterns. (I know I keep promising this but I will totally get my act together and deliver... as soon as possible!) 

Let me know what you think in the comments, I would love to see which one is your favorite.

Hopefully, I'll be able to attend some of the events at VogueKnitting Live this next month (April 5-7) and I'll report back on what happens if I do.

So, there you go... this was my Secret Squirrel Mission that I'd been working on. Super cool, right?

Monday, March 18, 2013

Busy, Busy, Busy!

I've been working as much as I can lately, I swear! I've finished a cowl pattern, innovated my own gift pattern (cute story & a pic to follow), a gift for a co-worker (now Mom wants one with a matching bracelet), finished some arm warmers from a magazine pattern and now started a second pair for an employee, and started and finished a scarf for Amazing Adam's co-worker.

I have pictures of most of what I've been working on lately, but I promise I'll get the rest of them as soon as I can.

I have settled 2 magazine subscriptions for crochet patterns - but for the life of me I cannot exactly remember which ones! Guess it will be a surprise when I get them in the mail. I was fortunate enough to run across a sale on Google Magazines in the Google Play store and found a ton of Crochet Today back issues for only $0.99! Believe you me, I got as many as they had to offer! Some great ideas and really cute patterns, found things that I'd love to make for everyone in some way. I've already made 2 that were in those back issues - again, more info to follow. I think Crochet Today this is one of the subscriptions I have ordered.

I've also been looking for better crochet hooks. I've seen a set that I like but they're around $90.00 for a 10 hook set and a case; a bit steep if you ask me. I've also seen some ergonomic hooks that are all wonky and crooked. I'd rather try these out first to see if they'd fell better than the regular aluminum ones. One criteria I found that I'm looking for is length.

I tried the rosewood hooks from Michael's that I received as a Christmas gift this last year and fell in love with how long they were. I find that the ends of the hooks tend to dig into my palm a bit and can be uncomfortable. Not to mention, the rosewood hooks made me feel as if I was using a magic wand for all these awesome creations (Geek Note: Fleur Delacour from the Harry Potter Series had a rosewood wand which made it all that much more fun). Unfortunately, I found out the hard way that they are no where near as durable as the aluminum hooks as the head popped off of the H Hook.

I'd be happy to hear your opinions on hooks and what you guys are using, feedback is always great. Actually it would be great to hear from any of you, what you think, any questions you may have... drop me a line!

Until next time then...