About Me

Hello and welcome to my blog!

Please feel free to ask any questions you may have, I'd love to hear from you at any time.

I am Angela and I live in the South Puget Sound of Washington State; actually the same town that I was born and raised in. I currently work full time in addition to chasing three children and an amazing boyfriend - yes, Amazing Adam.

Amazing Adam and I first originally met some time in grade school; I'd love to say that the planets aligned and stars melted, however I cannot remember our exact meeting as we were probably on the bus and in first grade. Amazing Adam claims to remember the two French Braids my mom used to put into my hair and how cute they were. However, I can say that I don't ever remember a time that Amazing Adam wasn't around.

We grew to run in the same group of friends in high school although we dated other people, we always had a solid friendship. Life moved on through college, marriage and kids. Eventually, through the blessing of Facebook, we reconnected found out that we were both available and found it as an opportunity for a new adventure.

Now, almost 4 years later, we're still going strong, making things work. Together we have three children, my 13-year-old son, Riley, his 7 year old daughter, Aurora, and his 6 year old son, Jacob. I swear there are days when I look at his kids and wonder what planet they came from, because they are so drastically different than my son when he was little. But then again, there are days I can't believe how wonderfully blessed I truly am to have such a magnificent family.

Between, multiple parenting schedules, multiple school schedules, and multiple work schedules, I find time to crochet. It ends up that it is almost drug-like. I end up craving it, needing it, being a nicer person to deal with because of it. Crazy, huh?

--- still under more formulation ---