Friday, March 25, 2016

FREE PATTERN: Bunny Ears Ring

A little something to wear on Easter!

Crocheted in a straight line then tied to prop up the ears, this is not only customizable for most finger sizes, but it can also be used as a decorative napkin ring or around the silverware on your holiday table! 

F Hook
Scrap Yarns, photo was made with Premiere Cotton Yarns found at Michael’s

Worked in a single line then tied together, the shape of the ears is made at each end of the chain, then slip stitched around the entire perimeter to add support to the ears and keep them from being too floppy.

Chain 50 – this can be modified to fit all sizes of fingers; the remaining pattern should remain the same.
Sc into second chain from hook. In the next 9 stitches: 2 hdc, 2 dc, tc, 2dc, hdc, sc.
Sc into the next 30 stitches then in the next 10 stitches: sc, hdc, 2dc, tc, 2dc, 2hdc, sc.
Ch 1, sl st in each stitch all the way around and back again.
Sl st to join, fasten off, weave in ends.

When finished tie around finger, I used a simple knot and played with the ears until I was happy with them. If they are not long enough for pleasing ears or are too floppy, the beginning chain should be modified.

*** The PDF for this pattern is available in my Ravelry Store for $1.00 USD. ***

Happy Easter! 

Wednesday, March 23, 2016

The Big Return!!!

Greetings and salutations everyone!

Well, over the last 6 months A LOT has changed, not all a grand experience, but here I am. :)

In January I was unceremoniously fired from my job of 13 years. It was a complete fiasco, really. It was a hostile work environment (20/20 hindsight, right?) and I was trying to improve the situation at the time; unknown to me I was a walking target. The only redeeming incident to the whole situation - other than those who screwed me, will get their karma - is that the department I managed went into a downward spiral and within 6 weeks of my termination, was sold to another company. Sketchy, no?

After spending the next month mentally struggling with the stigma of being fired after 13 years, trying to deal with unemployment benefits & all the b.s. that comes with it, I was struggling. Since deciding that I was an awesome manager & gave all I had to that company and my employees, that company didn't deserve me. My family deserves me. So, my new job: Stay-at-home Mommy!

A stay-at-home mommy to a 16-year old son, 10 year old daughter, and an 8 year old son. No diapers for me. No formula or baby food. I tried that about 16 years ago, wasn't for me. Now? Holy crap, people! I have no idea what I'm doing! LOL! I've come up to handling mornings about 95%, I mean that I've really done something wrong if my kids can't figure out school mornings by now. Then trying to plan suppers and grocery lists? Amazing Adam & I are pretty spectacular pulling this together, but it isn't always as easy as it seems from the outside.

I do love staying at home though. :) Due to my anxiety & panic, it is relatively quite easy to stay home. I do miss my car - still up on blocks since September, but getting better. So, not only do I get to avoid the public but I have hours to binge watch Netflix and crochet!

That being said, I have promised patterns in the past, but I'm going to deliver, especially on paid patterns, since we now need help to pay our bills! :)

Cowls inspired by Elsa & Anna from Frozen ($)
A plus-size shawl inspired by the Seattle Seahawks ($)
A plus-size rainbow & cloud scarf ($)
A plus-size scarf of flowers (free, $1 PDF optional)
Easter ring with bunny ears (free, $1 PDF optional)

Please keep checking back as these free patterns will be posted, with an optional PDF available for $1 via Ravelry or Craftsy. I will also announce the release of the paid patterns here as well as my Facebok Page.

Thank you all for not giving up on me! Here's to a better future and buying my patterns, right? :)