Friday, November 30, 2012

Impending Craft Show!

Oi vey!!! I'm mere hours away from this River Ridge Holiday Happening Craft Fair - and I am NO WHERE near ready!

I have regained my technology - I have my tablet back and am loving it. Not a single problem with this one - YAY!

Then the cold that I had must have dropped my immune system or something because I have missed work the last two days to a form of a stomach flu... lucky me! yuck! This work includes any crocheting, so come the fair tomorrow, I'm going to end up finishing a lot of the last few projects I was working on.

I have a small bin full already with the various sundries that I could need: table covers, business cards, price tags, display frames, ... My Amazing Adam and son will be picking up tables and chairs from my parents tonight; which until probably a scarce few hours ago were being used to hold all their belongings as their carpet and tile were being installed.

As I'm not completely well after the flu bit, i'm bringing my son, Riley, with me. At this very moment My Amazing Adam and Riley are at the comic books store stocking up on Magic: The Gathering cards. Riley has an idea of charging people $1.00 to play a game of Magic with an extra buck if he has to teach you how. Too funny. That will after I finish using him as my bitch - helping me set up and get things together since Amazing Adam unfortunately has to work and won't be available to help us.

Couple changes - I will be taking orders, but with a minimum delivery time of 4-6 weeks. I'm even hoping to bring all my available & lovely hat yarns with me to customize orders.
Ok, should get back to it, I hope to see people there.
Wish me luck, I think I may need it!

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

17 Days, 2 Deliveries, a Cold & Tech Issues

Coming out the surviving end of a stupid cold, coughing and snotting for 4 days now is NOT my idea of fun, let alone is it conducive to crocheting! I spent 2 days in the throws of a NyQuil coma. 2 days wasted, thank you. Not fun at all. I blame the grimey little vermin called children bringing mysterious illnesses home. Sheesh! Love them, I do, but dang, is they only thing they share germs???

17 Days until the River Ridge Craft Fair ... I'm quickly running out of time! I've purchased nice soft hat yarns, haven't really started them though. But, I completed a single hat in general sizes from Newborn to Adult for people who may be interested in placing an order at the Craft Fair. That's a good idea I thought. I swear any orders I take will not be able to be delivered by Christmas due to the fact that I have family to craft for before then; then what do I do? Take an order for a cuddly cthulhu! I'm insane!

2 Deliveries ... Delivery #1: I ordered primary and secondary colors from Red Heart last week and received it on Saturday. Loved it! They're the brightest most awesome rainbow colors - I'm hoping to make a few rainbow scarves inspired by the one done on Crafty is Cool website. I have the main scarf done on the first one and one of 10 circles for the clouds done. MUST FIND MORE TIME!

Delivery #2: I received my order from Vista Print with my new business cards, vehicle magnet, banner for the display area at the Craft Fair (went with a non-holiday-y theme so I can keep using it) and a few other things. I'm so excited, I was beside myself waiting for the UPS guy to get here today.

I keep saying I'll post pictures as soon as I can - well I'm having tech issues with my beloved tablet. My original one decided to stop charging correctly so that when I took it in to BestBuy to figure out what was going on, they decided it was the prongs in the tablet - not the charger. Poop! They confiscated my tablet and ordered me a brand spanking new one. I'm in to it for about a week and a half now, getting my games back up and running -ish and now there's issues with this one where the screen scrambles and makes a horrible noise. *Sigh*

Rather than continuing using this tablet and risking the loss of updated information, I'm wanting to wait until I can take the pictures and make sure they're not lost. Now I'm planning on heading back to BestBuy to take care of this issue - again. Don't get me wrong, they've treated me really well over there; I was able to prorate another Geek Squad warranty for the new tablet, the new tablet was free because I followed through with the warranty registration. Hopefully, I'll be able to get this screen issue fixed without losing my baby again for a week.

Friday, November 2, 2012

29 Days and Counting!


Here it is, November 2nd and the River Ridge Craft Fair is fast approaching on December 1st. I have completed a TON of coffee cozies and coasters. I've priced my order forms and receipts and I've bought some baskets and containers to work on the table display to create height and lean towards a "geeky" theme. I'm even thinking of using some NES systems as display stands too! I have an idea of the floor plan and where we'll be located. Things seem to be going well enough at this point, except...

I haven't started any hats! I have two made and a lot of yarn to make more. I think I just need to stop on the cozies and coasters and start full speed ahead on the hats.

So here we go! 4 weekends and counting, wish me luck!

PS: I'm hoping to have the boyfriend help me take pictures to update into the Coffee Cozy & Coaster Pattern that I posted previously so stay tuned!