Friday, November 30, 2012

Impending Craft Show!

Oi vey!!! I'm mere hours away from this River Ridge Holiday Happening Craft Fair - and I am NO WHERE near ready!

I have regained my technology - I have my tablet back and am loving it. Not a single problem with this one - YAY!

Then the cold that I had must have dropped my immune system or something because I have missed work the last two days to a form of a stomach flu... lucky me! yuck! This work includes any crocheting, so come the fair tomorrow, I'm going to end up finishing a lot of the last few projects I was working on.

I have a small bin full already with the various sundries that I could need: table covers, business cards, price tags, display frames, ... My Amazing Adam and son will be picking up tables and chairs from my parents tonight; which until probably a scarce few hours ago were being used to hold all their belongings as their carpet and tile were being installed.

As I'm not completely well after the flu bit, i'm bringing my son, Riley, with me. At this very moment My Amazing Adam and Riley are at the comic books store stocking up on Magic: The Gathering cards. Riley has an idea of charging people $1.00 to play a game of Magic with an extra buck if he has to teach you how. Too funny. That will after I finish using him as my bitch - helping me set up and get things together since Amazing Adam unfortunately has to work and won't be available to help us.

Couple changes - I will be taking orders, but with a minimum delivery time of 4-6 weeks. I'm even hoping to bring all my available & lovely hat yarns with me to customize orders.
Ok, should get back to it, I hope to see people there.
Wish me luck, I think I may need it!

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