Friday, November 2, 2012

29 Days and Counting!


Here it is, November 2nd and the River Ridge Craft Fair is fast approaching on December 1st. I have completed a TON of coffee cozies and coasters. I've priced my order forms and receipts and I've bought some baskets and containers to work on the table display to create height and lean towards a "geeky" theme. I'm even thinking of using some NES systems as display stands too! I have an idea of the floor plan and where we'll be located. Things seem to be going well enough at this point, except...

I haven't started any hats! I have two made and a lot of yarn to make more. I think I just need to stop on the cozies and coasters and start full speed ahead on the hats.

So here we go! 4 weekends and counting, wish me luck!

PS: I'm hoping to have the boyfriend help me take pictures to update into the Coffee Cozy & Coaster Pattern that I posted previously so stay tuned!

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