Thursday, March 1, 2012

Crochet Updates

I promised info on my crochet projects. Well, I'm having a bit of a hooker's block I suppose. (Like writer's block, but for crocheters...) I have quite a few items that I'd love to get done, but it's pretty difficult to find a lot of time right now. I want to make cabled armwarmers and thought I was finally almost done with the first one. That was until I decided i wanted to try them working with both loops rather than the back loop only. *sigh* time too unravel it -  again!

Another project is one my mom has comissioned me to do, another HK blanket (pictures will be added later & can be found on my Facebook page). Ugh! The first one was so fiddly that I don't think I'll enjoy making the 2nd one, but we'll see. I have some slight modifications in mind that may make it better.

Then as always, there's:
* Sack-Boy for a co-worker
* Monster Hat for my DLB
* Repair Unicorn hat for my DLG
* Re-do on a Dr. Who Weeping Angel
* Cabled cover for my awesome Asus Eee Slider Tablet
* Dr. Who's Rose Tyler's arm warmers from the Doomsday episode
Not to mention TONS of other projects that I have just waiting for yarn manifestation!

So, wish me luck & I'll update again soon...

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