Friday, October 11, 2013

FREE PATTERN: Supernatural Moonlight Infinity Scarf for "I Love Yarn Day!"

Happy I Love Yarn Day!

I know it has been a long time. And let me tell you, chaos reigns! There has been a lot going on – but then again, who’s life doesn't have chaos?  Over the last few weeks I've been in quarantine due to a nasty cold that has been kicking my butt (hopefully, I’m on the mend now). Plus a nasty of creative block; I’d start a few patterns then unravel everything I’d done in the day. It just wasn't grabbing my attention and it was all lacking passion and enthusiasm.

This last weekend I was again sequestered into the bedroom as to not contaminate the rest of the family I watched Supernatural Season 8! Oh, I had finished Seasons 1-7 a few months back and had been wanting to catch up on Season 8 as it was the current season, but my cable provider (you know who you are) sucks and wouldn't provide them in any helpful order. Imagine my thrill when I was notified by Netflix that it was now available on instant streaming! Heck, yes!

almost too much squee for one geek!
Thus I was inspired by a healthy (and much needed) 2-day session of Season 8; which was luckily prior to the premiere of Season 9 this week. Lately, I’d been trying to do something with a “granny square” stitch and I had been collecting sparkly yarns over the past few months, knowing that I’d find the perfect project someday. Well, that someday happened!

To not only celebrate the rampant geek squee that is Supernatural, but to also celebrate I Love Yarn Day, I present to you my new pattern:

worn the long direction - bad selfie, sorry!
in this pic i have folded it to double up as a cowl
another bad selfie!
N Size Crochet Hook
     Loops & Threads Charisma – Black, Purple & White (5 Bulky)
     Loops & Threads Dewdrops – Amethyst & Diamond (6 Super Bulky)
Yarn Needle & Scissors for cutting & finishing off ends

  • Each round will finish with a slip stitch to the beginning cluster of the row.
  • Beginning Cluster:- ch 2 + 2 dc in the same stitch (the ch 2 will count as a dc for the beginning cluster only)
  • Pattern Cluster – 3 dc in same stitch
  • Do NOT chain any stitches between clusters.
  • It was my intention as I created this scarf that the clusters remain close, not too much space between as a more traditional cluster stitch may be, as I wanted this to be plush and cozy.
  • As you’re working or even when you’re done, I found that tugging the stitches both vertically and horizontally across the rows & columns helped to seat the clusters between other clusters making sure they settled where they were supposed to.
  • For changing colors I found it easiest to just tie off and cut the yarn mostly due to the number of colors in use and their mass to move around each other. It is your decision if you want to carry through or tie off.

Foundation: (Use your first color; see below for an outline of the color scheme I used.)
I found that there are two basic ideas to starting off a project. For this one, due to the amount of stitches required I preferred the beginning chain over the foundation row – here are both for you to decide:
  • Beginning Chain - chain 131 stitches, sc in 2nd stitch from hook, sc back to the beginning (130)
  • Foundation Row - Foundation sc for 130 stitches; sl to join to 1st stitch, careful not to twist the chain when you join to the beginning. (130) YouTube has videos on how to stitch the Foundation Single Crochet.

Supernatural Moonlight Color Scheme
Foundation              Charisma Black
Row 1                     Charisma Black
Row 2              Dewdrops Amethyst
Row 3              Dewdrops Diamond
Row 4                    Charisma Purple
Row 5                     Charisma White
Row 6                    Charisma Purple
Row 7              Dewdrops Diamond
Row 8              Dewdrops Amethyst
Row 9                     Charisma Black
Row 10 (sc)             Charisma Black

Row 1: (Black) ch 2, 2 dc in same st, skip 2 stitches, 3dc in next stitch. *skip 2 stitches, 3dc in next stitch* continue repeating from * to * until you reach the beginning cluster, sl st to join. Tie off & cut.

Row 2:-9: Repeat Row 1 – changing color with each new row, following the color scheme listed above or a color scheme of your own choosing. 

Row 10: (still using black) sc in each stitch around. Sl st to the beginning stitch, bind off.

Finish off any remaining loose ends.

That’s it. Super simple really, but I LOVE this scarf! I’ve got rave reviews about it from work and family. Have fun with this pattern, use colors that speak to you… I’m already thinking of what other color schemes I can come up with!

Feel free to sell the items made from this pattern, just please don’t replicate the pattern, if anyone wants the pattern for themselves, please direct them to my blog!

Also, if you find any errors or discrepancies, please let me know!

Hope you enjoy making your Supernatural Moonlight Infinity Scarf, I’d love to see your finished projects!

employee snapped what i hope is a better pic?

It had been my original plan to spend all day crocheting at Starbucks while the kids were in school. However because I've been ill and missed too much work and then the kids don't have school due to a teacher professional day. I'll be at work, but I'll be yarning in my heart!

Anyone do anything fun to celebrate?

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