Wednesday, May 7, 2014



I promise I have yet to fall of the edge of the earth! Just being extremely busy lately; including crocheting my butt off!

I started - and completed - the Circle of Love Afghan from Moogly (the link will take you to the free pattern). I love it! It was definitely a time suck for me as it took about a month of me working on it - sometimes only a row a night, but it is now beautiful. One thing I'd make sure you take note of if you're thinking of starting this project - make sure you use Red Heart With Love as suggested. I initially grabbed Red Heart Soft - similar colors - since my Michael's and Joanne's didn't have Red Heart With Love in the right colors, but way different in the project! The Red Heart With Love is great and makes the blanket really plush! I plan on making another one - with different colors. If you decide to make this afghan, I would love to see your finish products!

As I mentioned above, I bought the quantity of yarns in Red Heart Soft for the Circle of Love Afghan, to which I didn't have a project for them, until this last weekend. I got a new car!

1980 Plymouth Volare (aka: Veronica) - she has a slant-6 :)
What does this have to do with crocheting? Well, as with any other 34 year-old car, the upholstry is original, and slightly trashed, especially the driver seat part of the front bench. Then (tick... tick... tick... ding!) Inspiration! I'm going to yarn bomb it! The colors of Red Heart Soft are going to be great with the rest of the colors in the car - white, gray and 3 shades of red/red-ish. I've already made about 5 squares in various color sequences. It will take some time, as I'm considering not only large squares but smaller squares with some rectangles mixed in. I'll have more detailed pics later including the before and after shots.

In addition to all this, I've stopped taking my brain candy - saw some information from my pharmacy about how the meds I was taking could lead to excessive menstrual issues (just what you wanted to hear about on a crochet blog, right?) It hasn't been too bad, I'm fussier, but I can feel the mood swings coming so that I can warn everyone! I'm not sure if being off them is good or bad, I was starting to think the meds had hit a plateau anyway, so I'm absolutely easier to distract - especially if it is pretty yarn related stuff. Amazing Adam and I have even had syncronized snarky moments together! It was a pretty amazing moment! 

Have any of you used your crafting skills to bring new life into old items? if so, what was the item? I'd love to hear about it - and see pictures if any of you have them!

Remember you can always find me on Facebook feel free to stop by and drop me a note, I'd love to hear from you guys! 

Until next time, keep those hooks flying! 

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