Thursday, February 12, 2015

LINKS: Valentine's Day Prep

Nerdist: John Huges' Movies Playlist
I love movies. I love music.

I know I'm not alone when it comes to John Huges's movies either: Breakfast Club, Sixteen Candles, Ferris Bueller... etc. These movies weave in and out, all through my childhood and into my young adulthood and I will always LOVE them!

The Nerdist posted this play list today found here on their website.

How did they do?

50 Shades of ... 
I know there is sooo much hype about 50 Shades of Grey releasing this weekend. I for one, will NOT be attending, haven't read the book, don't really want to. I read the Sleeping Beauty Trilogy (now to be a quartet) by A.N. Roquelaure, aka Anne Rice way back when and was quite pleased.

The hype around this just makes it seem like 50 Shades is the Twilight Saga version of Sleeping Beauty. Maybe I'm wrong, but yeah, still not interested.

For those of you, like-minded, people out there, I have included a clip of "50 Shades of Buscemi" - staring Steve Buscemi! Enjoy!

Interested in Learning New Stitches?
I can't remember how long ago I discovered the Stitch-a-Day newsletter & website, however I have been signed up and receiving their daily editions for quite some time now.

Every day I receive a newsletter with a description for a new crochet stitch (they also offer knit stitches too for knitters & bi-stituals). They also offer a weekly log which has both knit & crochet stitches that will be featured during the week ahead.

Check it out here!

How to Have People to Kiss your A** on Valentine's Day & They Will Thank you! 
Distractify posted this article about how you can get a chocolate, crystal, or bronze molding of your anus. ... Yeah, I know, I said, "anus."

Can you imagine taking a box of your chocolate anuses to work? Handing them out to people you secretly despise? Watching the look of happiness on their face as they eat it! OMG, I would definitely not keep a straight face during that interaction!

Such a devious act - this should absolutely be on the "to do" list for those of you anti-Valentine's Day people out there!

FREE PATTERNS: Repeat Crafter Me 
I LOVE this lady! She has crock pot recipes, free patterns for craft & crochet. I don't know how she does it, but this lady is totally Amaze-balls! Sarah is a mom of 3 young kidlettes and she still has time to make it all look easy!

I have made quite a few of her patterns and they're not only completely adorable but quite easy and effortless to follow.

Please make a point to check out Repeat Crafter Me and all her wonderfulness!

** Have a great Valentine's Day this weekend, remember to have fun, but keep it safe! For Amazing Adam and I it is our first Family Weekend in a long time where he actually has the weekend off! We haven't decided what we'll be doing with the kids, but I'll make sure to post about it later!

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