Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Crochet Update that I thought I Lost!!!

Things have been going pretty good on the crochetting front. Finished a couple of cabled coffee cozies and 1 viking hat to completion; still have 1 horn left on one for my oldest son and to complete the hat and both horns for my daughter's pink with pink version.

J decided to have gray with black horns, I decided to make black with red horns for R and A wanted pink with purple horns, but since i couldn't find an acceptable purple in my stash, they will now be pink too.

After these are finished I have to start building up stock. I've agreed to take part of a Christmas Craft show at one of our local high schools onn December 1st. Not only could this earn me some extra spending money for the holidays, it could commission some work for me and get my "geek" chrochet out there.

I've been reading some craft blogs lately and it's hard to find anything crochet related! it's all needle work, felting, sewing and knitting! There's even more clay art information than crochet. it kinda sucks.

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