Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Random Geekery - 2012.08.08

I read a blog post at Epbot - one of the fabulously geeky blogs that I follow - about her response to apparently psudo-geek girls running around out there. The gist of her statement was basically to get over it and quit judging everyone else. I liked that.

If you're reading my blog, you're opening yourself up to read my opinion; so here it is: EVERYONE HAS A GEEK SIDE. If you're a jock - you get your geek on over athletic-type stuffs, games, gear, ... whatever. If you're a fashionista-type - you get your geek on over Channel's latest bag, or Gucci's latest lipstick color (and youcan probably tell that I'm not the fashionista-type geek from that statement alone).

Fo r example, I haven't really been into the whole sci-fi tv shows thing, I'd watch a few episodes of ST: NextGen but that was mainly because it was late and nothing else was really on; I would never sit around waiting for a new episode because I never paid that much attention.

Then this year I found my gateway drug: Doctor Who! I started with Rose and the 9th Doctor as any good nouveau-Whovian should do, and by the time the Doomsday episode made it across my tv or tablet (thank you Netfix!) I was bawling right along with Rose wondering about the what-ifs and horribly upset about how unfair it was (and wondering where I can find a crochet pattern for her arm warmers).

Now here we stand on the precipice of a brand new season of Doctor Who (I'm still not sold on this 11th Doctor - his jaw line is a bit odd to me) that I'll actually be able to watch as they air on BBC America, I can't wait! But unfortunately I have to...

Honestly, I finished what Netflix had to offer for the seasons of the Doctor sometime back, so since then I had been filling in my time with its spin-off: Torchwood. Loved it! There were some quirky things with some of the actors where I didn't love them as much as Doctors 9 and 10, but lordy, lordy that Captain Jack. I sqeed every time he got his flirt on! It was a good series too - but i finished what Netflix has to offer last weekend. In doing some research Starz picked it up and did 2 runs with some of the same actors... I have to find those somewhere...

This is where I come to my problem, I know that - rather I feel my sci-fi geek whimpering for more fodder... but where do I go from here? I tried the first episode of Firefly and I'm not to certain how that's gonna go, wasn't too impressed with it right off the bat.

So if you have any suggestions... or if you wanna chat Doctor Who... let me know in the comments below!

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