Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Meep! Where'd the Time Go?

Wow, it has been a while since I last posted hasn’t’ it?

Well the time has not been wasted believe me! For a while I was working on a straggling Christmas present and a baby shower gift – both of which couldn’t be posted until they were given to the recipients and I didn’t’ want to take any chances!

I found a pattern for a Owl Granny Square Pattern on Repeat Crafter Me. I immediately thought of Amazing Adam's mother - she loves those birds and knew i had to make one for her.

Detailed picture of the Owl Granny Square
In the pattern it calls for buttons on the eyes, I didn't want to put hard plastic nubbins that close to the neck, might be uncomfortable, so I winged it on the eyes, but I think they still look adorable.

Completed Scarf with Owl Granny Squares
I had a lot of fun making these little squares. Granny Squares are quick and quite easy once you get the hang of them. Not to mention that they open up a whole world of variations even with the "normal" patterns for them. I love how these owls were combined with the square, really brilliant concept if you ask me.

I made a total of 6 owl granny squares and 6 normal granny squares. I attached them so that there were 3 owls on each side and the normal squares would be where it wrapped around the neck.
The next present I made was for Amazing Adam's cousin, I made a small baby blanket, inspired by the granny squares. I didn't embellish it, just a plain and simple blue and brown color scheme in a size that would fit into a diaper bag or that the baby could carry around with him once he's older. I loved it. Hopefully, she'll find a use for it.

Tag-a-long sized baby blanket
Over the last few months of rather disappointing “Winter” weather here in the Great Northwest, it has been cold, but no snow. It has even been cold in my office; often times my nose and hands are quite cold; I’ve been dressing to be comfortable at work with a minimum of 4 layers of sweaters, t-shirts and tank tops, but still finding that my fingers are cold. What do I need?

Scarf? Have one, exceptionally long and soft, but difficult to work at a desk with. (Lion Brand Homespun in Gothic) *sorry no picture*

A cowl? Ok, we can try that… Adorable! I’m hoping to post this pattern here in the near future. What else could I use so I can be warm... at work... inside?

Finished cowl
Fingerless gloves! Still currently in mid-creation with those, found inspiration from a pattern, winged it on the rest. Picture and possible pattern (hopefully) will follow.
Then I was on the search for a new inspiration something that would drive my hook on its own power! I found … squat. So I dusted off some UFOs (UnFinished Objects). Top hat with Viking horns for Amazing Adam –kind of a franken-project and unable to find an acceptable pattern for horns; therefore I’m now on my own for that project, got one horn started and came to a stall, haven’t lost all hope yet.

Then I remembered a while back I promised a Little Big Planet Sack Boy for one of my employees. Found a few patterns way back, found the yarn and partially completed sets of limbs – winged the patterns a bit.

All the bits and pieces to this little creature were so stinkin' small! I almost gave up a few times, but I got it done, and it's too cute. Successfully completed and delivered!
Now we’re into tax return season. Last year my reward was my beautiful tablet – I’m still in love with it even with all the issues I ended up having in November. I don’t need nor do I have the abundant resources I did last year for such an exuberant prize. I’m going to make a few purchases that will pay out through the year. I’m going to create a crochet gift prize. Maybe some hooks, maybe some yarns, but definitely paper copies of a few magazines. I’m still doing my research but I may be close to deciding exactly which ones I’m going to subscribe to.
In doing my research I have purchased a few magazines off the stands and in the process found some ADORABLE warmth keeping items that I’m dying to get to in addition to some brilliant ideas that I may be able to modify away from the stick figure models into something that a curvy female such as myself may be proud to wear. We’ll have to see how it goes.
Tonight is going to be an adventure for me. I joined a yarn crafting group through MeetUp.com a few months ago, and as I spend most of my "school nights" chasing 2-3 children until supper and bedtime, I wasn’t able to work any of their scheduled Tuesday evening events into my calendar - until tonight!

I’m super excited and can’t wait until work is done to get over there. I packed my yarn bag last night and am already to head straight over there after work. Hopefully, I’ll be able to update all of you when I get home as Amazing Adam won’t be done with work until much later than that.

Now for my final photo for this post. It's Amazing Adam proving he's still a big kid at heart, playing with Jacob and Aurora. I love it!

Riley was a witness behind my shoulder as I took this picture.
 I love this crazy family - chaos and love all rolled into one. I wouldn't change it for the world.

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