Friday, May 10, 2013

Co-worker Collaboration

Two weeks ago I took pity on one of my employees; she has just learned to crochet within the last year and had been trying to complete two travel blankets for two of her daughters... before June 1st! After weeks and weeks of watching her stress about this and the decorations for them, I - in a not so obvious way - offered my services. Later that day I found myself hauling home a lot of purple yarn. Two weekends later I returned with this:

My part is finished for this one!

Just a simple hdc blanket using 2 1lb skein of lilac yarn, simple scallop stitch along the edge. If you'd like the pattern (meaning I'd have to pull it out of my brain), please leave me a comment.

These two blankets were really a collaboration as another employee offered to create the skull and crossbones for the decorations, as the intent was to mimic the Monster High logo. Here's the finished purple blanket:

Adorable right?

 Considering that the pattern for the skulls and crossbones came from someone else, I don't have the pattern; although she's getting the idea that she may write it up and post it somewhere. I'll let you know if she does.

The second blanket was created by the first employee; I offered my services to create some leaves and flowers inspired by Attic24's Triple Layer Flower Pattern.

She wanted bright happy colors, pretty, huh?

Here's the finished blanket:


Also a simple hdc blanket pattern, finished off with fluffy/chunky yarn. Now that these blankets are finished, she's a much happier person to work with, except now she is on the same timeline for hats! I'm telling ya, she's on her own for that one!

TONIGHT, I'll start on Mother's Day project; which I hope won't take too long because then I have to start a pretty time consuming project for little Jacob's 6th birthday later this month!