Thursday, May 23, 2013

Hidden Projects!

I have been remiss in posting ALL my little projects that I have crafted between other projects. This is my attempt to rectify that.

I have attempted to enter links to either the inspiration for or the pattern for the projects I have done. If you find that I have missed something, please let me know in the comments area after this post.

Cherry Blossom Necklace - Crochet Today Magazine, July/August 2011

Pattern by Crafster, Sandy Meeks

I saw this pattern featured on the Crochet Today Magazine website and loved it! I made it for a co-worker's birthday and now, my Mom wants one with a matching bracelet!

Not only was this pattern adorable, but it was easily completed in just a few hours, mostly after work during the week. Very easy to follow instructions that also allow for your own customization of the pieces. I loved it.

Cat Butt - Inspired by Crazy Socks Crochet

The feared One-Eyed Unicorn!!!
After seeing this idea on the blog for Crazy Socks Crochet, I couldn't get it out of my mind! It was too hilarious! So, after a few trial runs and a bit of unraveling this is what I ended up with. I made 5. One for each of my co-workers/employees and one for myself. This is defiantly one I'll end up making again!

Easter Bunnies! - Pattern by The Green Dragon Fly
I wanted to make something special for each of the kids this last Easter. It was already postponed for about 2 weeks because all the kids were with their other parents for the holiday & we waited for our Family Weekend.

When I saw the pattern for these adorable bunnies I figured that not only would it be adorable, but it would also give me a chance to use the pom-pom makers I received for Christmas!

Riley's bunny was based on a Star Wars idea I had. Riley normally wears a lot of black, but the red represented the Dark Side and the blue the Jedi side. Here's a front and back of his bunny:
Little bunny nose!
Cute red pom-pom tail!
Aurora's bunny I nicknamed "Neapolitan" because the colors of the yarn reminded me of the strawberry, vanilla and chocolate ice cream! Which lead to reminding myself of the "Ziggy Piggy" ice cream scene from Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure, but that's another story!

Starting to show slight loving, it may get a twin !
Love how these colors worked together!

Then darling little Jacob, his bunny was "garbage truck" colors, greens and browns etc. I saw a quote somewhere along the interwebs this week that said "boy" was noise with dirt on it. That is totally Jacob. Here's the bunny he received:
Crooked ears, I stitched them on before he was stuffed.
Still loving the sunburst patterns on them.
Yes, these bunnies may get twins, mostly so they can have something from Amazing Adam and I at their other parent's houses. Just so they remember that we love them no matter where they may be. 

TEST PATTERN: Aviator Hat - Cuddle Me Beanies

This last weekend I took on my first TEST PATTERN!!! I volunteered my time to test the pattern to an Aviator Hat for Cuddle Me Beanies. I had about 48 hours to stitch up the pattern all the while looking for typos or anything that may help the potential customers follow the pattern easier. It was a lot of fun!

Jacob's birthday is this week and fortunately he has a large noggin, so I agreed to the Adult sizes and when I was done, I had both Amazing Adam and Jacob pose for pictures:

Instructed to give me his best "to infinity and beyond!" pose!

So excited to have his hat, he was practically VIBRATING!

I had a lot of fun with this pattern and found that I loved testing patterns! I just have to keep my eyes open on Facebook to see who else is wanting help!

There you go folks, my last few busy weeks in between other projects. I have finished Part 1 of Jacob's birthday presents, pictures and all, but I'm hoping to make another post of just those - after I finish Part 2... if only I knew what I was making next!

Please let me know what you think about these projects - I'm dying to hear any feedback you can give and thanks for reading!

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